Wire: Magnet, Flat,
Profile & Reduction Mills

Getting your Cold Rolling Mills for magnet, flat and profile wires from the proven leader in mill design enables you to achieve perfect shape tolerances at the highest speeds. In addition, our high precision rolling technology achieves maximum hardness and low ductility in the reduction process.

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Narrow Strip
& Reduction Mills

If you need a Metal Strip Mill to process a wide range of strip and plate with the highest degree of accuracy, our high precision rolling technology achieves maximum surface quality and thickness accuracy in the reduction process.

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Tension Leveling
& Slitting Lines

Offering better than 2 IU tension leveling and zero burrs, our leveling and slitting lines set the standards for flatness, accuracy and quality. After your strip achieves the desired flatness, our slitting systems use state-of-the-art technology to cut ferrous and non-ferrous materials to the desired widths, defect-free.

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Processing Lines

When it comes to processing any kind of metal strip, including galvanized and tin plate, we have the know-how to design equipment and systems that meet your specific requirements and help you maximize capacity, quality and ROI.

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Our field and factory services allow you to keep your RoA Cold Rolling Mills, Tension Levelers and Precision Slitters functioning optimally.

Whether you need installation & training, inspection or calibration, our field services help you achieve the operating efficiencies you need to stay competitive. By taking advantage of our field services, you can also:

  • Maintain Your Equipment’s Original Performance Level
  • Achieve Superior Quality-to-Cost Ratios
  • Meet Customers’ Increasingly Demanding Specifications

Field services include:

  • Installation & Training
  • Inspection
  • Calibration

When your RofA equipment requires factory service, we ship it to our New Jersey facilities for:

  • Bearing Inspection
  • Belt Grinding
  • Cassette Machining
  • Chock Assembly Repair
  • Refurbishment
  • Roll Surface Coating
  • Roll Grinding
  • Spindle Repair

To learn more about our maintenance & repair services, contact Changyu LI at 908.675.1443 or