Narrow Strip & Reduction Mills

A Wide Range of Options for Narrow Strip & Reduction Mills

If you need a Metal Strip Mill to process a wide range of strip and plate with the highest degree of accuracy, our high precision rolling technology achieves thickness tolerances up to .oo4” (1µm), which results in quality products that meet or exceed specifications.

The hundreds of strip and reduction mills we’ve supplied to customers worldwide is a testament to the fact that strip processors know they can rely on us for equipment and systems that provide quick returns on investment due to:

  • High Precision
  • Optimal Productivity
  • Outstanding Flexibility
  • Exceptional Reliability
  • Long Operating Life

Key features & benefits of our strip & reduction mills are:

  • Superior Reversing Rolling Technology
  • Multiple Configurations Available with Same Equipment
  • Automatic Gauge Control with Feedback, Feed Forward & Mass Flow Control
  • Produces Strip as Thin as .004” (0.01mm) in Material Widths up to 14” (350mm) Using Rollers up to 20” (500mm) in diameter

To ensure quality, strip thickness and other parameters are monitored in real time and stored for future use.

With a combination of engineering know-how and a commitment to innovation, we’ve become a leader in strip mill technology.

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